Making the LPG distribution system Reliable, Flawless and judicious

  •         Govt. Of India (GOI) has capped supply of subsidised domestic cylinders to 6 cylinders in a year with effect from 14.09.12
  •         For the period of 14th Sept. 12 to 31st march 13 the first 3 cylinders will be supplied at subsidised rate to each domestic consumer irrespective of the number of cylinders consumed up to 13th Sept. 12.
  •         You must ensure that you have your domestic gas consumer card (DGCC) booklet (blue book) with a serial no. And your consumer no. If either book or no. missing you must contact your distributer for a new booklet or entry of no. You will have to produce the DGCC if any dispute arises on supply of cylinders.
  •         The cash memo and acknowledgement generated by the system for each cylinder will indicate the no. of subsidised cylinder being delivered against entitlement i.e. 1/3, 2/3, 3/3 in the current year and 1/6, 2/6, 3/6 etc. in each subsequent year and also indicate the serial no. of DGCC booklet.
At each cylinder delivery, you must
·        Produce the DGCC booklet to the delivery man while receiving the refill cylinder.
·        Check the serial no. of the DGCC matches with the printed on the cash memo.
·        Sign on the DGCC booklet as well as copy of the cash memo as acknowledge of receipt of the refill cylinder and handover the same to delivery man.
·        Ensure that the delivery details are recorded in the DGCC book and that should be signed by the delivery man.
·        Keep the cash memo and DGCC book carefully as in case of any dispute with regard to receipt of subsidised cylinders, the cash memo and DGCC book will have to be produced for any claims.
·        You are requested to register your mobile no. with the distributer so that confirmation of delivery of the refill cylinder can be sent through SMS by the respective oil company to their consumers as and when electronic confirmation system rolled out.
·        The LPG prices except subsidised domestic LPG cylinder is likely to change every month subject to change in international price of LPG

You are also advised to check your booking and delivery details on transparency portal of oil companies ( / / / )and in case of any discrepancy in delivery of cylinders, immediately log complaints in the portal.

For suggestions, complaints, queries or feedback pertaining to LPG you can call on too free no. 1800-2333-555, or contact the field officer or visit the public sector oil marketing companies at the above websites.

LPG distributor’s delivery man carries a weighing scale. Get your cylinder weighed every time in your presence.