IIFA Awards 2011 winners list - main
Best Film: Dabangg
Best Direction: Karan Johar for My Name is
Best Actor: Shah Rukh Khan for My Name is
Best Actress: Anushka Sharma for Band
Baaja Baaraat
Best Supporting Actor: Arjun Rampal for
Best Supporting Actress: Prachi Desai for
Once upon a time in Mumbai
Outstanding achievement in
international cinema: Irrfan khan
Best performance in a Negative role:
Sonu sood for Dabangg
Best comic role: Riteish Deshmukh for
Best Debut (female): Sonakshi Sinha
Best Debut (male): Ranveer Singh
Green Globe Award: Priyanka Chopra
Hottest Pair: Anushka Sharma and Ranveer
Outstanding achievement in Indian
cinema: Sharmila Tagore and Dharmendra


1: What is the minimum age for enrollment in an electoral roll?
Ans : The Minimum age to enroll in an electoral roll is one should have completed 18 years of age.
2 : What proof do I need to show to get enrolled after attaining age of 18?
Ans : One of the following proofs should be provided while enrolling:
a: High School Certificate / SSLC Mark Sheet.
b: Birth Certificate.
c: Passport.
d: Driving License… etc.
3 : I have shifted my residence recently. How do I ensure that I am enrolled in my new place of residence and my name is deleted from the old place?
Ans : First of all please ensure that you have enrolled yourself in the electoral rolls of the concerned Assembly Constituency, where you are residing. The procedure is to fill up Form 8A and submit to ERO (Electoral Registration Officer) of the area of your new residence. Subsequently, changes will be made in the existing electoral roll and issue a new voters id card with changes.
Secondly, fill Form 7 and submit to ERO (Electoral Registration Officer) of the area of your old residence / old constituency. So that your name will be deleted from the old constituency.
4 : I have shifted my residence recently. How do I ensure that I am enrolled in my new place of residence?
Ans : In case the new residences in a new Assembly Constituency please fill Form 8A and submit to ERO (Electoral Registration Officer) of the new residence constituency.
5 : I have Photo ID Card with the old address. Can I get new ID Card for the
present address?
Ans : The procedure is to fill up Form 8Aand submit to ERO (Electoral Registration Officer) of the area of your new residence. Subsequently, changes will be made in the existing electoral roll and issue a new voters
id card with changes.
6 : My old ID Card is defective. I would like to have a new ID Card with correct particulars. What is the procedure?
Ans : You can get your ID Card rectified by depositing it in the Office of the ERO concerned or at Photography center when the work of preparation of Photo ID card begins.
7 : The Enumerator has visited my house and taken down the details. How do I ensure that my name is finally included in the electoral rolls?
Ans : He must have handed over you record of Enumeration, which is your
acknowledgement. You can check your name in the draft roll, which gets published and available at the office of the ERO concerned to confirm that your name exists in the roll.
8 : I have lost my old ID Card. How can I get a new ID Card?
Ans : An FIR is to be filed with the local police station who will issue a certificate, which is to be produced before the ERO. You will get a new ID Card thereafter.
9 : I have shifted my residence recently to Bangalore from another State where I was registered as a voter. I have an I Card issued from the previous place of residence. How can I get a new ID Card at the present place of address ?
Ans : Please get yourself enrolled in the Electoral Roll of the concerned Assembly Constituency by filling-up form 6 and submit the same to ERO along with your ID-Card. There after ERO will issue you the new ID- Card.
10 : Please give me details of my Polling Station and Assembly Constituency. Who do I contact to get these details?
Ans : This can be obtained by contacting the helpdesk of “Macro InfoTech Pvt Ltd” @ 080 – 2335 7807 / 2314 8429. You can also check it from the http://www.bangalorevoterid.org/ website also.
12 : I do not have a ration card. Can I get enrolled without a ration card? What are the other documents, which I can show as proof of my residence?
Ans : Ration Card is not necessary, however you can show any other proof of residence like Passport, Bank Pass Book, Driving license etc. Or any Govt. document to facilitate the work of registration. Proof of residence is not necessary.
13 : If I am working and living in Karnataka, can I be a voter in my native
Ans : If you are working in Karnataka and residing here, you are an ordinary resident of Karnataka in terms of Sec 19(b). Therefore you can be enrolled at Karnataka only and not in your native village.
14 : Can one be enrolled at more than one place?
Ans : A person cannot be enrolled as a voter in more than one place in the same constituency or in more than one constituency in view of the provisions
contained under Sec. 17 and 18 of R.P.Act, 1950.
15 : Can a non-resident Indian citizen become a voter?
Ans : A person who is not a citizen of India cannot be registered as a voter. Article 326 of the Constitution read with Sec. 16 of R.P.Act, 1950 clarify the point. According to Section 19 of the R.P.Act, 1950, only a person who is ordinarily resident in a constituency is entitled to be registered in the electoral roll of that constituency. However, such of the non-resident Indian Citizens who are employed under Govt. of India in a post outside India are eligible to be registered as voters in terms of Sec 20(8) (d) read with Sec 20(3) of the R.P.Act, 1950.
16 : Was 18 the minimum voting age in India from the beginning?
Ans : Earlier, the age for registration of a voter was 21 years. Through the 61st amendment Act, 1988 of the Constitution read with Act 21 of 1989 amending the R.P.Act, 1950, the minimum age of registration of a voter has been brought down to 18 years. This has been made effective from 28/03/1989.
17 : Please give me details of my Polling Station and Assembly Constituency. Who do I contact to get these details?
Ans : This would be possible only when you tell your complete address at the reception/ enquiry. The phone No. is 23918888. You can check it from the ECI or CEO office website also.
18 : I am a tenant and my landlord does not want me to get enrolled. How can i get enrolled as a voter?
Ans : To get enrolled in the voter list is your fundamental right. Please check the Electoral role of your area ar ERO (SDM)/ AERO (FSO) office. If your name is not included please fill up Form 6 and deposit it with the ERO.
19 : Can EPIC be issued to a person who is not registered as an elector in an
Assembly Constituency?
Ans : No. Only electors who are registered in the Assembly Constituency, but had not been issued EPIC earlier anywhere, only will be eligible for issue of EPIC.
20 : Which is the relevant date for determining the age qualification of 18 years? Suppose, you have completed 18 years of age today. Can you get yourself registered as voter?
Ans : According to Section 14 (b) of the R. P. Act, 1950, the qualifying date means the first day of January of the year in which the electoral roll is prepared or revised.
21 : What is the procedure to make corrections in such names / other details that have been misspelt in the Electoral Roll?
Ans : For incorporation of corrections in the Electoral Rolls, You have to submit Form - 8 to the ERO of the Assembly Constituency. Following are the various forms useful for registration as voter, corrections, change in address etc.
For inclusion of names Form 6
For any objection on inclusion of names Form 7
For correction of entries in the Electoral Rolls Form 8
For transposition of entry in electoral roll Form 8A
for more information: http://ceokarntaka.kar.nic.in/


              The tax payers whose annual income comprising salary and interest is up to Rs. 5lakh, are not required to file their income tax returns from now onwards. the scheme would cover those salaried persons whose interest income per annum is up to Rs. 10000, Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) said.
             The CBDT has notified the scheme exempting salaried taxpayers with total income up to rs 5lakh from filing income Tax returns for assessment year 2011-12, which will be due on July 31, 2011
             Individuals having total income up to rs 5lakh for 2010-11, after allowable deductions, consisting of salary from a single employer and interest income from deposits in a saving bank account up to rs 10000 are not required to file their income tax returns.
            This scheme would not be applicable to individuals who have got salary from two or more than two employers in a financial year. this happens in case a person changes the job.
            Such individuals may report their PAN and the entire income from bank interest to their employer, pay the entire tax by way of deduction of tax at source, and obtain a certificate of tax deduction in form 16. the scheme would not cover those tax payers who have income from sources other than salary and income interest from a saving bank account, or having refund claims.

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The Simplest, yet most effective way to conserve water
To Save Every Drop Is Everyone's Duty

Houses, apartment bulidings, commercial complexes, government buildings, hospitals, schools, colleges, malls etc. must take suitable measures to implements rain water harvesting systems to their existing building to save precious water draining from top these structures.

  • Recharges and improves the under ground water table
  • Prevents water loss into drains, polluted water bodies
  • Prevent floods, soil erosion
  • Helps reduce the demand for fresh treated water
  • Contributes to greenery, avoids drought
  • Simple technique with low investment
  • Saves water and electricity bills
  • Upto 55500 liters in 30*40' and 223000 liters in 60*40' site saved during a minimum rainfall year

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How Do I Get PF Money Back

Final settlement of P.F. accumulations

(i) On leaving the service of the establishment in which a member engaged, he can withdraw the P.F. accumulations to the credit of his P.F. Account.

(a) Immediate settlement is allowed if;

Retirement after attainment of 55 years.
On medical grounds due to total and permanent incapacity.
Migration from India for permanent settlement abroad or for taking up employment abroad.
Female member leaves service for the purpose of getting married
(b) In other situations claim can be submitted, if the member continues to be un employed for 2 months or more.
Application Form – 19
(ii) On death while in service/before settlement of P.F account.

To be claimed by nominee/family member(s)/Legal Heirs.
Application Form – 20

Financing of member’s Life Insurance Policies
Premium should be payable yearly. Policy should be on his own life
Premium amount debited to member’s account and paid directly to LIC

For purchase of house/ flat/ dwelling site or for construction of house
Minimum 5 year of P.F.  membership
Amount available:Total amount to the credit of member’s pf account/ 36 months/ 24 months of basic and D.A./actual cost which ever is less.
Application Form – 31

Repayment of housing loan
10 years membership
Amount available:Total amount to the credit/ 36 months basic+ D.A./amount required for repayment, which ever is less
Application Form – 31

Lockout/closure of an establishment
Employee does not receive his wages for a continuous period of two months or more due to closure or lock out of the establishment
Amount available:Own share of contributions
Application Form – 31

Closure /lockout for more than 6 months
Employees’ share exhausted. still continues to be un-employed
Amount available: Amount eligible – upto 100% of employer’s share as recoverable advance.
Application Form – 31

Dismissal or retrenchment is challenged by the member
Case is pending in a court of law.  Member can apply for an advance
Amount available: 50% of own share of  P.F. accumulations.
Application Form – 31

Advance for illness of member or his family members
ESI facility is not available to member. Hospitalisation for a month or more. Major surgical operation. Suffering from specified disease.
Amount available: 6 Months Basic  +  D.A or own share of contributions whichever is less.
Application Form – 31

Advances in abnormal conditions
Natural calamity like floods, earthquakes or riots.

Amount available: 50% of the amount in employees credit OR Rs.5,000/- whichever is less.
Application Form – 31

Grant of Advance to Members affected by cut in Supply of Electricity
The advance shall be restricted to wages for a month or Rs. 300/- or the amount standing to the credit of the member as his own share whichever is less.
Amount available: Only one advance is admissible.
Application Form – 31

Advance for physically handicapped
For purchase of an equipment required for the handicapped employee. Only one advance is admissible.
Amount available: 6 Months wages or own share of contributions.
Application Form – 31

Withdrawal within a year before the retirement
Date of retirement should be after 54 years of age or within one year before his actual date of retirement on superannuation.
Amount available: 100%
Application Form – 31

Option for withdrawal for investment in varishtha pension bima yojana
Amount available: 90%  of the amount standing to the credit of the member at any time after attaining the age of 55 years to be transferred to LIC of India for investment in Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana.
Application Form – 31

Source: http://www.epfbng.kar.nic.in/index.asp

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For More Information: http://www.epfbng.kar.nic.in/index.asp


BESCOM at your service Consumer Grievance Redressal System

You can contact BESCOM for any electricity problem

For Emergency Complaints Call 080-22873333 (24*7)
• Is there no power at your home/office?
• Any electricity accidents?
• Have you come across tree branches touching the wires?
• Did you notice sparks on any transformer?
• Did you see slanted/damaged electricity poles?
• Is there any electric shock in home/home appliances?

For Other Complaints FAX: 080-22355180 or email: bescomcomplaints@gmail.com
• Any billing error?
• Is there a theft of power occurring somewhere?
• Did you experience misbehavior/corruption by any BESCOM employee?
• Do you want to report about hazardous location?
• Do you want to complain about shifting of electricity lines and transformers?
• Any other complaint about BESCOM?

Safety Tips:
• Do not tie banners or publicity material to Electricity poles
• Do not use guy wire tied to a pole for drying cloths
• Inform local BESCOM office to trim/cut tree branches touching Electricity lines
• Do not remove tree fallen on the electricity lines
• Do not touch snapped wires/non insulated wires
• Do not touch fencing around transformers


For more information: http://www.bescom.org/

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Introduction to Citizen Service Center:

BBMP set up 10 CSC to provide a facility for citizens of Bangalore to avail various services from BBMP. These centers enable citizens to pay their property tax under scheme of SAS 2000, obtain Khatha certificates/khatha extracts and also Birth and Death certificates.
All the CSCs will be able to provide the services following in respect of any ward or area in the jurisdiction of BBMP which will make it possible for citizens to access these services without having to go to different offices of BBMP to meet specific authorities.
The citizens can also get applications for registrations of Khathas and sanction of building plans and register their complaints/requests and suggestions about BBMPs services.
1. CSC Head Office
BBMP, NR Squre,
Bangalore – 560002
Ph No. 22975500
2. CSC East
Public Utility Building
MG road, Bangalore
Ph No. 22975800, 22975804
3. CSC West
Sampige Road, malleswaram
Ph No. 22975603
4. CSC South
2nd Block, jayanagar,
Ph No. 22975702
5. CSC Koramangala
BBMP Ward Office, Ward No. 68,
2nd Cross, 5th Block,
Koramangala, Bangalore – 560095
Ph No. 22975506, 22975507
6. CSC Indranagar
BBMP Ward Office, Ward No. 82, 17th E Cross,
Indranagar 2nd Stage, Bangalore – 560038
Ph No. 22975508, 22975509
7. CSC Vijayanagar
BBMP Ward Office, 5th Main Road,
RPC Layout, Vijayanagar,
Ph No. 22975655
8. CSC Madiwala
BBMP Ward Office,
Madiwala, Hosure Road,
Ph No. 22975526, 22975527
9. CSC Sanjayanagar
BBMP Ward Office,
Sanjayanagar Main Road,
Ph no. 22975512, 22975514
10. CSC Rajajinagar
BBMP Ward Office, Ward no. 21,
Dr.BR Ambedkar Stadium,
Industrial Town,
Ph No. 22975510, 22975511
Source: www.bbmp.gov.in
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Born:August 20, 1946,Shidlaghatta, Kolar,
Karnataka, India
Study:National Institute of Engineering, University of Mysore
IIT Kanpur
Occupation: Chairman of Infosys Technologies
Salary: $50,000 USD (Infosys)
Net worth: $2 billion (2011)
Spouse: Sudha Murthy
Children: 2
Nagavara Ramarao Narayana Murthy
(Kannada: ನಾಗವಾರ ರಾಮರಾಯ ನಾರಾಯಣ ಮೂರ್ತಿ)
better known as N. R. Narayana Murthy,
is an Indian industrialist and software
engineer. He is the Chairman Emeritus of
Infosys Technologies Limited.
Early life
Board memberships
Personal life
Awards and honours
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Anna Hazare
M K Gandhi
Saina Nehwal
Viswanthan Anand

How to Contact DCPs for Complaints (Grievances) in Bangalore

Citizens can now walk into the offices of Deputy Commissioners of police of their locality to redress their grievance.

DCPs are available at their offices every day between 4.30 to 6 pm to meet the visitors and attend to their problems. The citizens can meet the DCPs with their problems every day.

1. DCP (Central Division): G ramesh: 9480801101/22942344
2. DCP (North Division): H S Revanna 9480801301/22942299
3. DCP (West Division): Sidramappa 9480801701/22942356
4. DCP (South Division): Sonia Narang 9480801501/22942309
5. DCP (South East): Dr P Harsha 9480801601/22943464
6. DCP (North East): 9480801064/22943676
7. DCP (East Division): Chandra Shekar 9480801201/22942312
8. DCP (East Traffic): B A Muttana 9480801801/22942346
9. DCP (West Traffic): Panduranga H 9480801901/22942318
10. DCP (PRO): V Ramaiah 9480801021/22942374

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Where I get unreserved railway tickets in Bangalore


It is similar to booking a ticket online, you have to register with KSRTC website. A user ID and password will be created for you in the website. Where you want to book your ticket using a mobile phone, your phone should be GPRS activated. You need to log into the website
On logging in, you will find directions to book the tickets. Follow the instructions and you will get tickets via email.
You can now wait at the aie-conditioned lounge for Airavat buses at the Shantinagar bus station. The lounge has a capacity of up to 60 passengers.

where i get unreserved railway tickets in Bangalore