How Do I Get PF Money Back

Final settlement of P.F. accumulations

(i) On leaving the service of the establishment in which a member engaged, he can withdraw the P.F. accumulations to the credit of his P.F. Account.

(a) Immediate settlement is allowed if;

Retirement after attainment of 55 years.
On medical grounds due to total and permanent incapacity.
Migration from India for permanent settlement abroad or for taking up employment abroad.
Female member leaves service for the purpose of getting married
(b) In other situations claim can be submitted, if the member continues to be un employed for 2 months or more.
Application Form – 19
(ii) On death while in service/before settlement of P.F account.

To be claimed by nominee/family member(s)/Legal Heirs.
Application Form – 20

Financing of member’s Life Insurance Policies
Premium should be payable yearly. Policy should be on his own life
Premium amount debited to member’s account and paid directly to LIC

For purchase of house/ flat/ dwelling site or for construction of house
Minimum 5 year of P.F.  membership
Amount available:Total amount to the credit of member’s pf account/ 36 months/ 24 months of basic and D.A./actual cost which ever is less.
Application Form – 31

Repayment of housing loan
10 years membership
Amount available:Total amount to the credit/ 36 months basic+ D.A./amount required for repayment, which ever is less
Application Form – 31

Lockout/closure of an establishment
Employee does not receive his wages for a continuous period of two months or more due to closure or lock out of the establishment
Amount available:Own share of contributions
Application Form – 31

Closure /lockout for more than 6 months
Employees’ share exhausted. still continues to be un-employed
Amount available: Amount eligible – upto 100% of employer’s share as recoverable advance.
Application Form – 31

Dismissal or retrenchment is challenged by the member
Case is pending in a court of law.  Member can apply for an advance
Amount available: 50% of own share of  P.F. accumulations.
Application Form – 31

Advance for illness of member or his family members
ESI facility is not available to member. Hospitalisation for a month or more. Major surgical operation. Suffering from specified disease.
Amount available: 6 Months Basic  +  D.A or own share of contributions whichever is less.
Application Form – 31

Advances in abnormal conditions
Natural calamity like floods, earthquakes or riots.

Amount available: 50% of the amount in employees credit OR Rs.5,000/- whichever is less.
Application Form – 31

Grant of Advance to Members affected by cut in Supply of Electricity
The advance shall be restricted to wages for a month or Rs. 300/- or the amount standing to the credit of the member as his own share whichever is less.
Amount available: Only one advance is admissible.
Application Form – 31

Advance for physically handicapped
For purchase of an equipment required for the handicapped employee. Only one advance is admissible.
Amount available: 6 Months wages or own share of contributions.
Application Form – 31

Withdrawal within a year before the retirement
Date of retirement should be after 54 years of age or within one year before his actual date of retirement on superannuation.
Amount available: 100%
Application Form – 31

Option for withdrawal for investment in varishtha pension bima yojana
Amount available: 90%  of the amount standing to the credit of the member at any time after attaining the age of 55 years to be transferred to LIC of India for investment in Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana.
Application Form – 31


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